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AM Capital Source is a boutique capital advisory firm located in SW Washington. We specialize in helping investors and business owners find capital after they have been rejected by banks and institutional lenders.

Company History

AM Capital Source was official date of creation was May 22, 2012. Below are just a brief sample of our accomplishments.

  • 2016

    Two Real Estate Closings

    On January 6th, we closed a $430,000 refinance loan in Des Moines, WA on 5 non-warrantable condos.
    On November 16th, we closed a $45,000 private money loan for an investor/realtor who collateralized 3 empty lots. She used the funds to pay off hard money loans on 2 of the lots, pay off back taxes and credit cards. The loan was at 7.25% interest with a 5 year term with 15 year amortization and no pre-payment penalties.

  • 2014

    Two Closed Loans

    AM Capital Source closed 2 small business loans (Business Lines of Credit) for $55,000 and $54,000 respectively.

  • 2012

    First Loan Closing

    In Late June, AM Capital Source closed it's first loan: A cash-out refinance for $135,000 on a 4-plex that the investor used to purchase an 8-plex in Arkansas. This was a hard-money loan: 15% interest only, 12 month term!

  • 2012


    AM Capital Source was founded on May 22, 2012

Andrew and his expert and professional connections are ready to help you

Our Expert Team

Andrew Ikeda

Founder & CEO

Andrew Ikeda founded AM Capital Source in May 2012. He has a background in finance and…

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